I have not picked up my guitar in 15 years, and have gotten the bug again. Naturally I remember almost nothing, and need to do some serious practice. Gear has changed a lot, and I see there are some effects units that supply drum and bass rhythms to practice against.

Can anyone recommend a small unit, that supplies a good selection of practice rhythms, and supplies a headphone output? Is something like a Boss Micro BR or Pandora PX5D in this category?
I have a Boss BR600 and it is terriffic for basic recording, practicing..etc. The drums are nice and can be programmed into your own customizable beats (from your machine or computer.) I don't have the Micro, but hear it is pretty cool as well. Might want to check...but I don't think you can program drums via PC with the Micro. Explore this link, as it details the BR-xxx line: