I have absolutely no musical experience. I can't read notes.

I love Soft Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Punk Rock and Metal. Obviously this would mean I should be playing an Electric Guitar.

But people have been telling me to start learning with an Acoustic.

So I tried out my mum's old Classical Guitar which she never learnt to play on. I hate it. Sounds like crap, I have a hell of a time dealing with the action.

Worst of all, I do not enjoy playing with it.

So for the past month I've been saving up for an electric. A ESP LTD EC-50. It is within my budget of $250 and I like the way it sounds.

But now, I've got some people telling me to start with an acoustic for various reasons. Cheaper, takes more skill to play and much more.

I've wanted to learn guitar since I was little. Especially after listening to my then Idol Bryan Adams.

So, now what? Am I being stubborn in wanting to learn the Electric? Should I just wisen up and learn from an Acoustic?

Or should I just do what I want to do, start off with an Electric?

Oh and I thought this would be a topic that has been posted already, but I searched for it and couldn't find it. I've never had much luck with V Bulletin searches so let me know if a thread like this already exists.

Thank you.
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Playing acoustic builds more strength than an electric because you have no pickups to help, it's all you. Starting with electric is like taking the easy way out and it's better to start with the basics.
My advice: A bad acoustic is worse then a decent electric. Electric guitar is also a lot more forgiving for mistakes and learning in my opinion. A lot easier to change strings, change your tone up, and everything like that.

I learned on an electric, but I still love acoustic.
if u really love the electric go for it, but i do recomend starting on acoustic. i was like you but i still did acoustic first (steal string), and it really does grow on you, at first its boring but once you get better you can learn more complex songs and they really do sound great. im into punk rock aswell and there are some pretty good songs on acoustic in that genre. it does help build up callases on your fingers. but its your call. Do what you want to =]
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i think u should start with accoustic coz i started with it and now im really glad i did.the strings r thicker and when u learn the accoustic good the electric guitar should be really much easier and u will be much more comfortable with it
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i started on a classical acoustic
helped me with electric guitar coz the neck is sooo freaking fat compared to an electrical
so when i finally got my electric i could move around the fret board a lot easier
If you have only one choice to make out of the 2 I would say go for acoustic, you don't need an amp to play an acoustic and overall it's just easier to maintain.

It also builds your finger strength and basics.

It's really up to you though, personally I started on an acoustic and I'm happy I did.
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Starting on acoustics is like practicing running with weights tied to your legs. Switching to electric is like taking off those weight and it suddenly becomes so much easier and you can run insanely fast.
I started with acoustic for the reasons most people would say to start on acoustic. Personally, didn't see too many benefits. Sure my hands were a little bit stronger, but that "head start" evens out in the long run. Plus I felt that I had a lot of extra tension from playing acoustic.

I just say start with electric. I mean, that's what you want to play anyways.
86% of the people who frequent the "Electric Guitar" forum would say that they have played guitar for under 5 years.
Playing acoustic builds much more than "callases" (sp) on your fingers. It also builds finger strength and dexterity signifacntly more than an electric.

Also, one cannot play nearly as sloppily on an acoustic. Typically an electric will "clean" your playing a bit.

I taught myself exclusively on acoustic, and when I started playing electric eight months later I can say that I noticed an extreme difference in my playing, as opposed to the first time I picked up a guitar - which was electric....simply as far as fingering notes/chords, and especially hammer-ons/pull-offs.
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The most important thing is not to lose interest - so start with the electric. Acoustic might build more strength and calluses, but electric requires better muting. After a while if you get into playing you will likely want one of both.
If you like electric stuff then start with an electric, there's no real benefit from starting on an acoustic. The only real reason to do so was because it was cheaper, but you can get an electric guitar for £50 now so that's no longer an issue.
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Yeah. Screw the "benefits". Youre just starting out, so the main thing is keeping your interest up. If acoustic doesnt interest you right now, why in the heck would you even consider getting one?

I started with an electric, but I purposely had the action set pretty high to build strength etc. Ive been at this guitar thing now for about 8 months and I really enjoy it, so now Im looking to pick up a cheapie acoustic, mainly for the lush tones they give. Certain songs just dont sound right on my Strat or Eclipse (Horse with no Name comes to mind).

Anyhow, I recently tested a few acoustics and I actually found them much EASIER to play then my electrics. The larger fretboard was far more forgiving as far as forming chords and there was no annoying fretbuzz.
man start with electric, you WILL get bored with an acoustic (not saying that is boring, but that dude is into metal)
It doesn't take more skill than electric, its the same, yea, it is harder to press, but comon they are strings, I started with an electric, and I have no problem playing acoustics, you can play acoustic stuff on the clean channel, but I dont think you can play megadeth on an acoustic.....
Go for the one tht sounds more fun, this is specially important for beginners, makes you want to practice
This subject comes up a lot so I'll be repeating myself. Most people who start playing guitar quit. So keeping guitar playing fun and interesting to YOU, is far more important than picking a guitar based on which one will give you more hand strength. Then after you make it through a year's worth of playing and still want to keep at it, you can buy that other type of guitar to add to your collection.
Thank you so much for your feedback guys. I really appreciate it.

I've wanted to learn to play the guitar for years so I think I will get an Electric. An ESP LETD EC-50 haha.

Thanks! (:
Good choice dude *thumbs up*
86% of the people who frequent the "Electric Guitar" forum would say that they have played guitar for under 5 years.