This guitar looks like a jackson from the headstock but it isn't marked. Maybe it's been painted over? I'd just like to know what it is and what it's worth because obviously these people don't know what it is because they call it "Ibanez like".


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Looks like a no-namer, I'd stay away ... or try it out if you can.
the link doesn't work for me
if no name, don't trust it
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looks nice... probably sounds like ****.
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I played a Gibson SG once that was horrible. Most of them are awesome, but this one sucked! There were no strings on it, and it looked like the tuners had fallen off.
MegaKravitz... Your Sig about the gibson sg. He was talking about guitar hero. Read his post better!
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dude... search bar

It came out like 2 weeks ago

We all saw it

We all pointed and laughed

We all secretly wished we could afford it
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looks nice... probably sounds like ****.

Looks like **** too, have a little taste my man. And TS, don't trust no names, unless you try em.
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