I personaally love the guitar parts and the synth. I love the song 2830

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Really good. I liked both songs. Keep us posted when you put more recordings up.

Rock on!!
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The vocalist shakes his voice too much. Instead of staying with one note, he kinda hooks it higher and lower a bit. You know what I mean? It's rather annoying and ultimately brought down the sound in my eyes.
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The first thing I'd like to say is that I like the singer's voice. The instrumentation sounds a bit blurry - but that's probably my crummy speakers. I'm liking the way everything sounds though - very catchy.

You seem to fit into a nice little spot of being both original and stereotypical. This is a good sign because the average listener will keep listening because it sounds familiar and the more outlandish listener (like myself) will keep listening to hear the more refreshing sounds you've got going.

That being said, I imagine that you guys could build up quite a local following with the stuff you're doing. Personally I wouldn't listen to it much, but I could see these tunes on MTV or something if you refined them a bit and tightened everything up.

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Thanks everyone for your feedback, and DiveRightIn63 a few other people have said that about his voice, he has never taken a lesson i agree with you though and we might try to have him keep his voice more steady in future recordings.

Thanks again for everyone who gave us feedback, it is most appreciated.
I thought it all sounded pretty good, and the singer has a good voice, maybe get him in voice lessons to refine his voice? He definitely seems devoted to singing (or maybe he just has a good voice)

Nice sound overall on both songs