Hey im trying to get some money so i can get a peavey classic 30 (thanks for all the help guys!) anyways, anyone interested in a classic, old-school x-box ? its in good condition, and i got 2 controllers and like 8 games. anyone interested? Its pretty late at the moment, so ill post the game titles tomorrow.

P.S. only shipping to US cause shipping is expensive
dude i got my xbox for just 2 games and i dont plan on using it for anything else...riddick and morrowind...n it only cost $20
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hah wow nice deal! and if anyone was wondering about the games they are: Halo, Halo 2, Fable, Starwars Clone Wars, Tetris, Unreal Championship, Mech Assault, Morrowind, Top Spin, and Star Wars Knights of the old Republic