I have my eye on a 2 speaker 60 watt amplifier with built in effects, the price is very good. But the seller says that most all of the pots are broken. But he isn't clear on whether they are completely not responding for whether he just has to use a screwdriver to turn them.

What I am wondering is, if the pots are completely broken and not usable. Would it be too hard for me to locate and install replacement pots.

I have a general knowledge of electronics and can solder pretty well.
If all of the pots are broken, I wouldn't think it to be worth your time unless you are looking forward to a bit of a project.
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how many pots are there? if they are normal pots there are 3 tabs per pot to fix... if they are push/pull switch tabs then there are a few more... depends on how cheap you get it and whether you can be bothered to to it... i say go for it though... what do you have to lose?
Thank you please.
Some push pull pots are really easy to replace. I did all the ones recently in a bass amp I have. It had the PC style with tabs soldered to the board but the way it was put together had alot of stress on the tabs so some were broke. I put regular pots in it and ran short wires to the board. Works fine now. Cost me all of 10 bucks to fix the amp.