Iv'e had this guitar for nearly a month now.
I would just like to say it's utterly amazing!
But I have encounterd two problems.
Problem number 1
The guitar finish is strating to get streaks across it where I'm wiping it down with sme tissue. Whats the best thing to use to polish up your guitar to make the finish not go.
Problem 2 my main one.
Last night after some intense playing i switched the pick-up selector quite a bit and in the end it got stiff. It will not move, after opening it up i found out it works on a 12 gauge system which confused me as it should be a 3 gauge, anyways have any of you had this problem?
How do I get it unstuck or where can i purchase a 3 gauge system?
(Would guitar shops install these as i'm scared i might damage my best guitar)
Cheers for your help
For the first one, I'm guessing it's those streaks you get when you wash a mirror or something. Use a dry, clean cotton cloth for polishing it; a tea towel works fine.
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