Currently running a Marshall AVT50H through a Marshall AVT412a. Looking to downsize to a Marshall Valve combi (DSL401 by choice but thats not important)

Henceforth im looking to find a buyer for my halfstack
The amp is as good as the day i bought it, sounds ****ing mint, and is surprisingly loud; 50w has been more than enough for gigs of 400+ audiences.
Amp was serviced in february, and has only been gigged once since!

Would cost around £400 new. I'm asking £300 for the lot (the speakerflex alone cost me 15quid).

If anyone is looking to either trade or do a partex + cash for a Valve Combo (I will consider any Marshall and afew others, give me your offers!) then i'm all ears to any such deals!!!

I will consider any offers to either Buy or Trade
Be in touch on chris_morley431@hotmail.co.uk
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