I bought my Spector last October for just uder £900. I put it on the 12 months interest free (deferred) payment. So I'm supposed to pay the full sum this October.

I rang them up a few months ago as I've not had any statements or anything, and they say I owe no money what-so-ever.

Anyone else done this payment option? Did you get statements?
Sound Control has gone into administration. I expect you'll hear from the new owner at some point.
I don't think it's Soundcontrol that I owe - it's a partner of Barclaycard. used to be Cylsdale. Should've metioned that (That's who I called aswell)
well i'd keep £900 aside for the next couple of years jsut in case, and then if you don't here anything from them by then, consider yourself a lucky bugger! haha
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Yeah, going to keep the money in there throughout October in hope they've forgot about me. though I'm tempted the blow the lot in November.

Just wondered if people got Statements for deferred payments.
Put the £900 in an ISA for now - you may as well earn some interest. A Mini cash ISA allows you to put money in / withdraw money instantly over the phone or the net, so when you have to pay the bill, it's not a problem!
I used to work in Sound Control.Most of the shops are shut down.
I owe them £100 and they have never come looking so theres not much to worry about i dont thnk.
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