I'm looking into to getting some new pedals, and obviously one of those is a distortion.

I don't have a wide knowledge of guitar pedals so I am quite confused about what to get.

I have been looking at the 2 pedals i mentioned in the name, but I am not sure wether i should go with one of these or something completely different.

I play Bluesy Rock if that helps.

EHx pedals are good but if your looking for a bluesy rock sound id go for an over drive pedal. The Boss blues driver and Ibanez tubescreamer are pretty good for this. if u insist on one of the ehx pedals tho, the big muff is pretty cool but the english muff'n was created for 60's british type tones, tweaked right and you get some pretty awesome blues rock tones from it. Big muff is prob for heavier type stuff.
Jack White does Blues Rock in the White Stripes, and he does it with a Big Muff.
Just sayin'
you can't go wrong with either pedal for blues rock really, if your after a crazy lead tone a la jack whites early stuff then you gotta go for the big muff, if your after overdrive rythym sort of stuff which can also pull off lower gain lead tones then gor for the English Muff'N