I'm looking for a relatively cheap kit, as i would like to take up drumming again after my failed attempt 4 years ago. Any ideas what brand / make? Double bass pedals would be nice
thanks in advance.
i like tama but thats my opinion, try different kits and see what you like
yea it's all a matter of preference, you can get some good starter kits for $500 or so or buy used from craigslist and such
If I were u Id probably wait to get the double bass so u can learn more basic stuff and build speed with just one foot on the bass alone.
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yeah i agree with not getting a double bass pedal. imo you dont really need it ever, especially just starting off
PDP makes really good starter drum kits, they're a division of Drum Workshop. They're like higher end Epiphone guitars... But drums.
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i've got nothing against drummers, but isn't there a better site you could use on buying a kit than Ultimate Guitar???

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Cardboard boxes, empty water bottles, used paint buckets and garbage bin lids are your best bet for a cheap drum kit...
You don't need a $300+ double kick on your starter kit.

I'd suggest Mapex, but that's only 'cause that's what I play.

Yes, drums were my first instrument.

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