Hi everyone!

I noticed that I barely can reach the higher frets of my Iceman when I have to play fast solo parts, which is what I need now for my band.
First I thought about a BC Rich Kerry King V which has 24 frets, a Kahler trem, and an EMG set.
Still interesting to me, but it would probably cost up to 1000€ with a case. (But I haven't asked yet.)
I am trying to spend less money on the guitar because I'd also need a new amp.

Which guitar would you get for 600-800€?
The shape could also be something like a Dinky, but it is important that the high frets are reachable well. OFR or Kahler would also be nice.

Please don't tell which producers are out there, I know Jackson, ESP and stuff... there are just so much really nice guitars that I lost the overview.
Oh, what I really don't like are Dean and BC Rich headstocks! (for the Kerry King V I'd ignore it >.>

i have a schecter and althought its not that one the higher fret access is realy realy good i was suprised
dont touch anything that has to do with kerry king....get yourself a ibz prestige or a hellraiser
Yeah i have a schecter c-1 with jeff beck pickups and i play in a metal band and it doesnt give me a problem and plus it allows you to play othe rmusic not handcuffing yourself to one genre.
I'd say a Jackson DKMG or SLSMG, great fret access
The SLSMG is neck-thru but it has a tuneomatic bridge
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Thx for your help!

The features of the Hellraisers are really nice. Is there any similar guitar of Jackson or ESP? They have nicer headstocks.
I am looking at LTD's MH-1000 and MH-1000NT atm, I love the style but they also have a fixed bridge (which I'd also take if I had to ). They have Seymour Duncans instead of EMGs.

And are there any guitars with similar parts but other body shapes?
ibanez rg1570? bound to be worth a look, in addition to what you're already looking at. edge pro bridge, if you really have your heart set on an OFR or kahler, though.
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Schecters have wonderful upper fret access. They have an "Ultra-Access" heel. It's nicely sculpted to fit your hand up there. You should try one to see what I mean.

I vote for a Hellraiser C-1, by the way.
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