I'm looking to get a distortion pedal to pick up where my amp and OD leave off. I have a classic 30 and a bad monkey and together they can get my to a great hard rock tone. For some of the songs my band does and i want to play i need more of a thrash metal tone. will a rat get me there or would a big muff be better suited for that.
a big muff would not be good for metal, from what i've heard. classic rock and psychadellia is right up it's alley, though.

i've been hearing good things about the new Distortion III from MXR. check out Jimdunlop.com for some sound samples.
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sorry guys i meant metal muff. not big muff. i will check out the distortion three though
go with the metal muff, I love it and J.D Cronise of The Sword uses it so check their songs to see what it can do. the metal muff is a versatile beast and the top boost is excellent for solos
I have the Distortion III and regardless of what it says, it sounds best as a heavier overdrive.

EDIT: Though now that I think about it, with the Bad Monkey it could be pretty good.
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