Hello people, it´s been a while since I recorded anything really and this morning i felt for the beatles So here it is... my version of Norwegian Wood. And i remind you that I can´t sing... and that this is my first recording with vocals. But be honest with your comments. any opinion will be much appreciated- good or bad

It´s on my profile!

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why are the beatles covers on here getting no comments? **** that. excellent work! did you double those vocals or use an effect on one? sounds pretty good either way. guitar work is great. nice job, this sounds really good. i listened to your cover of fixation on the darkness too, it rocks.

i recorded a cover of the cheesy 80s song Don't You Want Me Baby as an acoustic song with my friend Amie, wanna check it out?
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That was great, did you use 2 guitar tracks or 1? Regardless, it was really flippin great.