I'm looking for a back-up guitar to use for rhythm in different tunings - Eb, drop D, etc.
I use Fender Super Champ XD and do everything to jazz to Fear Factory (already have a 7-string for that).
I was looking at the Ibanez Art-100, problem is none of the stores here have it.
Just over-priced Epiphone and low end Washburns.
How's the Art-100? Or any other suggestions under $300. Of course, no floating bridge so I can mess with the tuning.
Schecter Omen-6?
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This is UG, we love Schecters and Ibanez and Jacksons, we hate Deans and BCR's, we hate Marshall MG's, and everyone needs a new amp.
Look into Agile guitars on rondomusic.com, they've got good stuff for cheap.