Right, I had a copy of the st anger album n my house a few years ago, so I ripped it into iTunes. As most, I instantly realised it was pretty crap, but theres been one song on it that I like. Now you see, the problem is, the song cuts out halfway through, and when I look on youtube for a song with the same name it's a different song. I have gone through every song on the album on youtube, none of them match this one. I no longer have the cd. Could anyone listen to this http://rapidshare.com/files/137305090/ICAU.m4a.html

And possibly tell me the name of the song? I would love you forever if you could do that.

If this isn't allowed I'll delete it.

EDIT: it's called purify in my iTunes.
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You're lucky I'm doing this, this is taking forever.

Dude, this isn't even Metallica.
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I dunno, as I compare my iTunes to the youtube versions, I see that it's not the only song that doesn't match up..Someone's tricked me
This makes absolutely no sense, it was in a St anger case with the songlist of st anger songs written on the cd..

EDIT: Sorry for wasting your time.
So you were listening to what you thought was St Anger? And you didn't like it? But it wasn't actually St Anger? Now thats funny
Some of the songs are actually metallica, some of them obviously aren't.

This and "St Anger" are not the actaul songs, the rest are.
My St Anger is also a song by Blindside..whoever ripped this disc to start with obviously had an unusual sense of humour.