Verizon is at our house right now. For some reason they forgot to put the cable to our house under ground and so for now they put it on the grass and told us not to use the lawn mower over it haha

They installed a large optical to cable box in our basement as well and tested the signal, they don't have to rewire the house since our signal is good.

They took out two of our three Lynksys boxes, the Modem and Wireless Router which were replaced by a two in one box. Soon enough we will be switching over from Vonage to verizon's service as well so that means we will only have one box in the kitchen for everything.

They will be installing three boxes for the TVs for now and we plan to get two free ones in a few days for the other TVs

Pics to come later after they are all done working...for those who are interested in the install process and such.
Heck, I may do a video instead...
Fuck you, you and your damn fast internet. I can't even get fucking cable where I live.
yeah my parents are tight wads and we still only have dialup

but to you for fast internet!
yeah were on a wireless card thing, decent speed, but damn you
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I only have 1.5mbps DSL. I am getting 3mbps soon. And I can only get up to 6mbps in my area. Screw you and you super fast internet
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we got the middle of the line deal for the internet...I forget the speed however its running much faster than "comcrap" so I'm happy.
The internet is lagging a little at times but it's only due to them programming some new things at the office for us and will be finished at the end of the day.

I snapped some pics so for now, more to come later.


I wasn't expecting that converter box to be so large...they were going to mount it outside on the house as well, I'm happy I suggested they put it inside...