I'm sorry i dont have it recorded but if you ask i can send it as if it were a tab, and F.Y.I i dont have it completed. Sorry, but i think its a good start for me.

This is all down stroking and on the D A D strings. the song is pretty fast. o- open f-faster
H-hold for 2 secs.
d|ooo1---ooo2--ooo3--ooo123--- |Repeat 3 times, on the 3rd time after the ooo123
a|ooo1---ooo2--ooo3--ooo123--- | proceed to next part
D|ooo1---ooo2--ooo3--ooo123--- |

d|ooo1-ooo2-ooo3-ooo123| repeat 3x once u repeded 3 times after the 3rd time u
a|ooo1-ooo2-ooo3-ooo123| do the ooo123 go ooo345 ooo345 ooo345-H and
D|ooo1-ooo2-ooo3-ooo123| then go bak to the top.
the H's are supposed to be above the ooo1, ooo2, and ooo3 but not ooo123 on the first part