Hi guys. Sorry i jst searched the forum and saw most of the Ashdown/New bass amp threads are actually here instead of where my last rtread was (in gear and accesories) sorry to the mods for making a new thread here !

Anyway in the last thread i was told an ampeg BA-115 was a good amp to get but I think i can't afford it (I only have £180/£190). Although the BA-112 might be good to try. I have started to look at the ashdown EB12-180 EVO II now but there is no shop near me that I can try them out so I was going to ask people here what there views on ashdowns and if anybody did own the EB12-180 and what they thought about it.

The bass is mostly for practicing in my room but I do play in a band with a notoriously loud drummer, so it would be for practicing and gigging with them. I mostly play rock/punk but from reviews the ashdown seems to handle those styles well.

Thanks for your help
I've never owned or played one, but I have played a MAG which is similar. Just be warned it is only about 95 watts or so out of the box. If I had a choice between the Electric Blue and the BA-112 I'd pick the EB in a heartbeat. The lower end Ampegs are a bit of garbage. Well, that's not true, they're just the pinnacle of mediocrity. Not to say that the EB is going to be good, but it will be a little bit better.

No amp in that price range will be loud enough to compete with a loud drummer.
My brother has a MAG-300 combo and it's awesome.
So EVO II is probably even better.
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The ashdown combos are infinitely better than the ampeg ones. Don't get me wrong, the old american made, high end ampeg stuff is great, but their combos are nothing special. The entire EVO collection is excellent. Great build quality and even better sound. There tone is warm and round... perfect for rock. You will also be able to run direct into the PA since it has a direct out. That should allow you to be heard over the drummer.