hey guys thanks for readin this. i'm lookin to buy a new guitar, and im debating on whether to get an ESP M-1000 or a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR. both have original floyd roses and emgs, which is exactly what i want. ive never tried the schecter but i have used the esp and its pretty sweet. the only thing im worried about with the schecter is the emg 81tw and 89. ive never used them but i read that they are like an 81 85 combo but with coil tapping. and, if you say schecter, wat color? black, red or white? thanks. oh, also if you have a different brand you think would be good, feel free to say it. thanks
id rather have the schecter over the LTD!!!!!!!!!!!! M-1000
Colour is personal prefererence...

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Schecter. And white.
I played it a few times and it was freakin awesome
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schecters look nicer and are cheaper and are arguably just as good if not better. Esp's seem to be a bit heavier and sturdier.
do you really have to ask, the obvious answer is the Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR. either get it in white or red. my hellraiser is red and it looks sweet.
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I've got the M-1000 and my brother has a C1 FR Hellraiser, and so does the other guitar player in his band.

My brother ALWAYS asks to play my guitar. I never ask to use his.

Get the M-1000, it's better, and it's a real neck thru.