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5 8%
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18 30%
24 39%
Voters: 61.
What pick are you most comfortable using? I've been using my medium/light picks for awhile now, just wanted to see what you guys use.
I used to use heavy picks, but i have recently been using medium and i like them much better.
i would assume jazz iii's are heavy?
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i like a heavy medium, so it still has alittle flex. the Dunlop match picks have been my pick of choice lately cuz of the grippy logo they have on them.
i like thin. i use dunlop .5s and ernie balls thins which are smaller than the tortex...
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Jazz 3 XL....the black ones....big enough to hold onto, sharp point, and no flex at all.
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i use lots of diff ones. depends on what i am playing and what is comfortable. anything from a dunlop.38mm-99mm. but must have some sort of texture for my sweaty hands to hold onto. i like the thinner pics for playing faster gallops and rhythms since they flex over the strings. stiffer pics for sweeps and pinchs.

In terms of normal sized picks, I like light ones, which are very thin, most particularly the Dunlop Nylon .38's. However, I also love the Dunlop Stubby's (especially the 1.0mm ones). They're so small, but feel perfect for me. The only medium-ish pick I can get along with using is the Dunlop Tortex .60's.
Occaisionally I play with a lighter pick like the Jazz III, but most of the time I'm playing the V-Pick Screamer (~3mm)

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The 1.00 Dunlop picks seem to suit me perfectly for everything. I do however occasionally switch to 0.88 and 3.00
i don't know if thumbpicks are categorised the same, but i use either a dunlop "M" (not sure of the gauge, M means medium as in medium thumb size - i have a "L" which is too big) or a Dr. sherpa 0.15 made of what looks like brass.
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