I have this old Suzuki acoustic guitar that is 21 years old (yeah who knew suzuki made guitars). Anyway, the strings are very high off the fretboard, which makes it harder to play. I tried changing the strings and it didn't help. Would using lower gauge strings help? Is there an easy way to make it easier to play? The saddle is already extremely low. Maybe 1-2mm. Is that usual? But the bridge seems to be raised a fair amount off the body. Is there an easy way to adjust it? I am open to all and any suggestions!

Thanks a lot!
I think the only way to adjust action on an acoustic is to sand down the nut, but this process is irreversible so I dont recommend doing it unless you know what you're doing. I rarely play acoustic, i play classical, so i may be wrong
Maybe the truss rod needs to be adjusted. I'm guessing that the neck is bowed up. I had that problem with my old acoustic.
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If the neck has an adjustable truss rod, adjust it very little at a time (1/4 turn).

If not, you'll need to file the nut slots or (what I did) the saddle. I'd file the saddle, as it's more effective and you don't have to take away so much material. If you aren't careful, you can take away too much and/or snap the saddle at the slot.
Most likely there's too much bow in the neck. Tighten the truss rod (clockwise) a little and see if things start to tighten up.

If the soundboard is bowed such that the neck is pushing down into the soundhole and the bridge is lifting up on its tail end, then you may need some more serious work done to it.

The pressure of the strings is attempting to pull the neck back to the bridge. It does so by bowing the neck and eventually the body.

Lighter strings will reduce the pull, but if damage has been done, it won't reverse it.
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