I've been looking at tremolo pedals recently and I can't find one that I really like. Here is what I want. The EHX Pulsar has too many knobs. I want something thats very simple. The Boss TR-2 I heard sucks tone. The Guyatone VT-3 has a volume boost. The Voodoo Labs again has too many knobs, and is too expensive. The only one that I found that I like is the MXR one but thats $170 USD. Does anyone know of a cheaper tremolo that will just get me those vintage trem sounds from the 60s (think For What its Worth).
pulsar is sweet

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EA tremolo kit from general guitargadgets, or the tremolo kit from BYOC. Both are affordable, simple, gorgeos sounding, and can do the 60s style you want.

Build it, all you need is a little soldering skill.