I'm leaving for the store in a little bit and I need opinions on a new amp




or http://www.guitarcenter.com/Peavey-MAX-115-Bass-Combo-104003447-i1145637.gc

This is for me and my friend to use when we jam, now we don't gig and probably won't be anytime soon. Its just a guitar + bass combo and I have a Epi Valve Jr not some Marshall full stack so I'm not that worried about power.

Ive not heard good things about the backlines, either Peavey or acoustic id say.
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backline sucks, peavey is alright, some say acoustic is good, but as usual, try ashdowns if they have any
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The Peavey is good. Can't comment on the Acoustic.

Don't buy the GK Backline 112, unless you are looking for a loud practice amp. I own this amp--its a serious disappointment.
My first amp was a Peavey 100w / 15' they sound great the EQs is simple to get smooth tones out of it. The speakers they use are good and handle alot of abuse. NOW these new cabinets they are making make me nervous is that plastic over the ports? just looks cheesy alittle. but overall probably the middle of the road choice cant lose

The Acoustic has a nice EQ section with plenty of options to get a good tone, and ive seen alot of these in stores but havent tried them i imagine they produce a warmer sound. but seem cheaply built gotta try one some day i think they sell a FULLSTACK for $699.....

The GK doesnt have great bass more mid-sound projecting, also not alot of tone shaping options but a footswitchable overdrive. The use of a 12" speaker is uncommon in this range of amplifier but GK does make good use of 12s. GREAT design looks/ feels well built/designed

Have Fun GET REAL LOUD make sure the horn isnt blown before you leave with your new amp
i have the b100 its ok... it doesnt have some features other amps do but the tone is good... but it doesnt have a very good EQ... i would say try all of them i havent heard anything bad about any of them
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try them out, but what kind of music?

the ashdown which is suggested would be a perfect choice for more hard rock/metal type of music
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