Alright so someone just posted a thread about how they ate dirt on their bike, so i figured i'd make a thread that applied to more things like skateboarding, rollerblades, segways, what have you.

here's mine..

Alright Pit let me spin you a little yarn..

When i was just a wee lad, about 10 or 11, i got my first bike. I loved that bike and all day i would ride it around and around. I quickly became an expert, taking off my training wheels after only 3 weeks! But alas, i was not good enough. I soon learned of the large hill that the older kids would ride down. So me, never being satisfied with the monotony of daily bike riding, decided to ride down the hill. So i got a bunch of my friends together and told them of my devious little plan. They all thought i was retarded and that i would end up with a ****ed up face and a rock in my cheek (FORSHADOWING!). But I, with my sense of badassery and uber rapeism, took off to the hill to prove them wrong.

Holy **** that hill was huge. I nearly **** my pants from a combination of the lack of air from the sheer altitude of the thing and mexican food. Every part of my body just froze. But i had to go on, I had to prove those cocksmiths wrong. So with a push of my feet, i went soaring down the hill. I was moving so fast! Everything was a blur. I thought i was going to make it, until..BOOOM!! I hit a boulder i didn't notice while my inexperienced eyes were caught up in the majesty of the moment. I flipped over my bars and landed right on my left cheek and skidded for a good 23 miles. I felt fine, until i stood up that is. As soon as i tried to push myself up, my tiny virgin legs collapsed and i suddenly felt dizzy and my stomach started to hurt. Something was wrong. I had to poop. I knew if i didn't poop soon there would be a mexican fiesta going off in my spiderman shorts. So, getting all the power i could muster, i went to the nearest tree and let out a symphony of feces i shall never forget.

Oh and it turns out i got a concussion and a badass rock in my cheek. The ladies love it
I broke my **** beating off
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I decided riding a skateboard down a steep extremely long hill was a good idea. Halfway down I realized I had no way of stopping and I was going pretty fast. The road veered to the left and I slammed into the sidewalk and it sent me flying. Luckily I landed in a nice soft pile of dog **** to break my fall.

Its days like that when you realize life is grand.
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I nearly snapped my right wrist in half while roller blading.

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Quote by Biggoofi36
things like skateboarding, rollerblades, segways
Which of these are "insane extreme sports"?
I nearly bit my toungue off while i fell off some monkey bars when i was 10.
by "insane extreme sports accidents" i meant extreme sports accidents that are insane.

and skateboarding and rollerblading fall under the moniker of extreme sports.

i put segways for the lols
I rode down a big hill when i was like 7 maybe. Im riding on this bike thats two sizes to small and halfway down the hill the handle bars start jerking. I could only hold on so long until they snapped out of my hands. I watched as they spun around and went straight twice before spinning around and stopping sideways. I flipped over the bars and slide down the road a good ten feet (road rash everywhere). Once i stopped and had a chance to come to i hear this grinding sound. I look up and here comes my bike on its side. SMACK. Nails me in the forehead and im out cold.

My mate did splinter his shin when going down a hill though that didnt look that nice

EDIT: One mate also rode down a hill on a crappy bike and the handle bars came off the bike
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I bailed a 180 air on my bike and pwned some massive street 2 months later I threw up on that spot.
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i once tried to clear fourteen stairs in the rain wearing a suit. i was getting towards getting a sponsorship (nothing big, local skateshop) but i was really good at the time, anyway, i grazed the last step with the tail, and when the wheels hit floor, i was leaning back, so the board shot out, cracked my cousins windshield, and i ruined both of my ankles seemingly forever, simultaneously spraining my left wrist. the kicker is when i fell i cracked my head open on that step and suffered a concussion. i went to my cousins house, laid on the couch and watched mulan. i havent really skated since then, as my ankles wont allow me.

excuse the lengthy post.

also, i will contact my cousin in search of that footage.
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My first day of BMXing was my last. I launched off one of those Walmart plastic ramps, and ended up sideways in the air (on accident cause I had no idea what I was doing). Needless to say I landed in that sideways position (horizontal, parallel to the ground). The most bizzar aspect was how the bike folded over my leg and the back wheel came up and I got pegged in the side of my head. It was pretty ****ed up and I am still confused by the physics of the incident.

I have been skateboarding for like 11 years now, so I've had plenty of incidents; but nothing like that bike one. The skateboard you can at least get away from 98 percent of the time, but the bike is just kind of with you for the entire ride.
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