Okay well guys.

My parents have pretty much got me covered on a new setup. They agreed that 1000$ worth would either go to a new amp or guitar for myself on xmas (we had to plan this ahead because 1 grand is no joke). Whatever I don't choose, I'll have to save up for when I get my job (hopefully at the movie theatre )

But I'm happy as balls right now...no homo.

After many threads of asking I've pretty much narrowed my choices down to:

Mesa Boogie Rect-o-verb


ESP LTD MH-1000 with EMGs

I'm pretty much dead set on the amp but the guitar has brought some controversy into my mind.

As soon as I brought up my tastes in music I got hoarded with people telling me to get this because it was the best thing I could get for my budget.

Well personally I'm into A7x,B4MV,CoB, classics like Pantera and Ozzy, In Flames, Trivium, ect.

Personally I enjoy Metal/Metalcore with the occasional hard rock element.

Let me just confirm. Is this really what I should get?

And then the main point of this thread? Which first (I'm eventually ending up with both anyway) the amp or the guitar?
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Amp; then guitar. Even though I'm doing the opposite, hypocritically speaking.

But that is a good setup, so go for it.

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