Poll: who thinks they have the best guitar ever?
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View poll results: who thinks they have the best guitar ever?
10 31%
7 22%
2 6%
Your kidding me
13 41%
Voters: 32.
This to see and crown the musician with the best and most unique guitar and to do this fairly you must take a pic of you with it, and name the guitar to make sure their is no cheating
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ohh surely the title must be 'do u own the most unique guitar' or summith cos like i was gunna say wangcaster or summith....
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The most unique guitar will always be the Wangcaster, the coronation has already been done.
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I voted no, and no pic is needed for me because I don't think a gibson explorer or a jackson KE3 is the best guitar out there.

I'd like to see the pics of the people that voted yes though.
Wangcaster. /end thread.
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Steve Vai's Flame, or Nigel's guitar.

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