Well I've made what appears to me, quite a big breakthrough when it comes to soloing and knowing the fretboard. It happened the other night. I got the backing track for stairway to heaven, which imo is great to solo over. The backing track was also at a slower tempo than the original which is a plus for me. Anyway, I sat down, started the track, and started playing around in two "boxes". I only knew two of the minor pentatonic boxes. Then, I thought "I want to be able to play all over the neck". So, instead of looking up the other boxes, I simply fumbled around until I found by ear where the other intervals were, working my way up to the neck. I started with the first "box" at fret 5 for A minor, worked my way up the neck until that box appeared again at fret 17. Finding the intervals by ear, I found that the boxes actually did form themselves. Once I kinda figured out where everything was, I just started playing little phrases, adding bends slides to much higher frets. It was just a much much funner way of soloing to be able to glide around the fret board. Most of my phrases and licks were dreadfully slow, simple and repetitive, but this is the first time I've felt any real freedom when I solo. I know this is a pointless topic but I kinda felt compelled to share it here since so many of you have given so much helpful advice. It's weird because I felt like I was in a rut, but then a few nights ago, I broke out of that rut in a big way I think. My playing is still far from perfect or acceptable to me, I don't want it to sound like all of a sudden I've mastered phrasing, but it's getting better. It's getting easier. It's starting to become more and more fun to solo. I'm getting closer to my goal of having free reign on the fretboard and it's awesome. It's getting a little easier to visualize and hear the notes and intervals when I'm soloing too. Well, I guess that wraps it up for now. I know the majority of you probably didn't take the time to read all the through this and I don't blame you. I just kinda wanted to reassure and encourage some of those out there who were/are like me who find it extremely difficult to solo in more than one "box". You can do it, you just have to practice and listen and it will come to you. Thanks for your time and thanks again to all those here in MT for all the help. You guys really make the forum worthwhile.
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Congratulations! I love the feeling that you get when you know you mastered something new, it's like a blow of fresh air.
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Yep, this seems to be one of those moments where everything begins to come together. It's exciting and a huge step in your playing, congratulations.

We're always happy to help in MT (though I don't know who you were referring to, I speak on behalf of the whole forum).
Yeah man, I had a similar experience a few days ago, I've been trying trying to get down a lot of theory stuff, learning scale shapes, learning scale degrees, all that stuff for a while now. So I chucked on a backing track, used my ear to work out what Key it was in, and just played and.. It sounded decent. Great feeling.
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