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I never see the point in forum games, they are pointless, annoying, and do not appeal to me in the slightest, im sure people can spend their time doing better things.
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a do the what now?
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like heres an example
say i post Dream Warriors - Dokken
then someone else would post something like Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Hanoi Rocks
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Yeah, it's kinda weird word, methinks. I know there's a state in Germany called Hessen, which is Hesse in English, so I guess when you derive an adjective or noun from it, you get Hessian... But what the hell does that have to do with this?
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Quote by Zerreißen
anyone wanna do a hair metal hessian song game?

You do know that in the metal forum "Hessian" is a byword for "Metal" right?

This shold be just "The Hair Metal song game" but seeing as how there's already an "80s song game" why is this here?
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i already made an 80s song game dude so screw off lol
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