I´m about to buy a new guitar.

Actually I had made up my mind and was going for the Schecter c-1 hellraiser FR, then I came across the Dean Vendetta 4 FR.
Now i´m confused!, what to buy?.

I need a guitar suited for metal.

I´ve also heard that Dean guitars are overrated.

Is that true?
i have a c-1 hellaiser non FR.... its one of the best guitars i own, great for metal
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i have a dean right now and its not real good... i would not recomend getting one
your an idiot if you choose a Dean over a Hellraiser
deans arent so bad its just that Schecters are the sh*t
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Oh man I'm well and truely on the point of no return then

I've owned a couple of Deans and I like them. I still have one of them and I would still have the other one but it got stolen.
Personally i would go for the dean but play them see which one suits you best an all that
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Hellraiser. I've got a Dean and my hellraiser plays twice as well as it, for $400 less.