I've been looking at getting a new guitar recently and found a ibanez rg1570 in my local guitar shop and loved it, except for the red finish. I tried looking at other stores and online and it seems that nobody has an rg1570 in any other colour in stock in the uk, so i thought I'd look at some others. I mostly play metal music, ranging from classic metal, to Death metal. I have a line 6 spider II in my bedroom and a marshall MG100 at my mate's shed, where we do all our band rehersals.

I would really like to have a guitar with a floating trem, I have 2 fixed bridge guitars already so would liek something different, 24 frets would be preferable but thats not a major thing. My budget as of today is about £700, a bit more than the 1570, but if I can find an amazing guitar I can wait it out a few weeks and get that to 1000-1200. Are there any other guitars you guys would recommend looking at? Should I buy something now? or wait and get something better? or should I just wait until I can find an rg1570?
If you want something with a floating trem, look at the S Prestige models with a ZR trem. Altho you may wanna switch out the pickups, the trem and other features are worth it i think.
You already have two guitars, why not get a new amp?
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