Hey everybody I looking to form an online band. I play drums so that will be covered, I just need the rest of it, bass, two guitars, and a vocalist, perhaps a keyboard player too but I can have that taken care of if not. The style is not any one genre specifically, as I like to mix genres. I'm leaning more towards kind've prog like stuff but it can range from rock to alternative to hardcore stuff. The first song will be a cover, just to get the hang of it, which we will decide once the band is assembled. We will be recording by layering so, drums send their finish part to bass, bass to rhythm guitar, rhythm to lead guitar, lead to vocals. Then when that is done send the file back to me and I will look it over and then put it up on the profile we are yet to make. So as I said before, I'm looking for members for all instruments except drums.

Drums - Steel Skins
Bass -Lord Waltaa
Lead Guitar - Skedadleboarder
Rhythm Guitar - 0rang3juic3
Vocals - TheWizzerd
Keyboard - Me until someone offers
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hey that's brilliant!

I'm guitar/bass player, and I will have a possibility to record soon^^

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im up for it

heavy rhythm and progressive riffage

what was the cover that you had in mind?
Ok everyone just send me a PM of what instrument you want to play so I can establish some members, but I'm giving you a heads up, if I find someone who is better and play plays your instrument I might replace you but I doubt that will happen. If you want to play guitar PM me whether you want rhythm or lead.
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Quote by skedadleboarder
i play the heavy/prog style as well. im interested.

Ok message me what instrument, and if guitar, lead or rhythm.
I can sing i guess
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i've been playing piano for fourteen and a half years, i could do some recording with audacity, i have an upright.