Well, I came across this

Today while going through craigslist, and I think I may very well have found my second guitar. I've been looking at a highway one HSS guitar, and it seems like this is the next step up for $250 off the price. I'm gonna meet with the guy and try it out later today, and I may very well buy it then and there. I just want to get your guys' thoughts on this guitar before I jump into it.

He says he bought it in '94, made in Corona, CA. Apparently he played it for a bit, but was turned on to bass shortly thereafter. We're gonna meet at a guitar center to try it out using different amps, I'm excited. Should I be?
Thanks in advance.
Seems mightly low for an American made Strat, in my opinion... I'd be careful. Actually, it's a good idea to be careful about EVERYTHING Craigslist.
I've got one and couldn't be happier with it, judging by your profile we seem to have similar music tastes so i'd assume you'd be happy with it too :] The humbucker handles heavier stuff pretty easily too. Can't really complain about it really, and neither should you with the price he's offering for it

edit: being from the UK, i've no experience with craigslist, so i'd consider the points in the above post too though.
Ha! I almost bought this but i couldnt come up with money (same one your buying off CL)

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