I just downloaded Anvil Studio, and i am wondering what kind of a plug i would need to go from a 1/4 inch guitar plug into my computer.

If this is not what you do just tell me because i have no idea, i just want to try to record something and get the hang of it.

EDIT: if i were to buy a line6 Toneport GX, do i just plug my bass/guitar straight into it, and then use a 1/4 inch to usb out of it?

Thanks for all your help
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and, you can buy usb cables that are bussed on one end and a 1''4 jack on the other, so that would work if you had some kind of super wawesome sound card and program,

and now that i re read the post, you have the program
so party over here
a 3/4" jack would be hilarious haha

they are 1/4" and you can use a TS 1/4" to 1"8 in cable to run from your guitar pedals to line in on your sound card.
This isnt an ideal setup but works for small use and if you just want to try recording something.
i know you can get adaptors for guitar cables, its how I record with GarageBand, just a bit sensitive sometimes

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