Ok.. so I've been wanting to replace my pickups for a while now (getting rid of the stock INF3 and INF4 on my RG) and have been leaning towards the DiMarzio PAF pro and FRED combo. I really liked Joe Satriani stuff so I've been looking at those pickups. But I've also heard that Air Nortons are possibly better than PAF pros and since John Petrucci's neck pickup is an Air Norton and since i like his tone better, I'm thinking of getting that. So which would you guys perfer? Air Norton or PAF pro. Also anyone have recommendations for the bridge? I heard that Tonezone was good, but I read that Tonezone is a little muddy with basswood? I think. I use an Ibanez RG350dx and I play mostly rock. I have vids up on youtube of what I play youtube.com/era1004. What bridge pickup would go best with Air Norton for my guitar and playing style? Or should I stick with the PAF pro and FRED combo?

I think the Tonezone would be alright for rock. If you have a high gain amp though, I'd consider the Air Zone too.
The Steve's Special and the D-Sonic match the Air Norton well too, but for rock the TZ/AZ might be better.

Also, what amp?

EDIT: not to be a d*ck, but the Dimarzio website is very helpful too.
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