I have this crappy-a*s bag that i really don't trust so im looking for something built like a tank for my strat

I need something that can hold against a 20 hr plane ride... as im looking to travel back and fourth couple of times next year

well i WAS looking at first into those vintage tweed ones...
yeah they look cool and they can be pricy and stuff...
but they look like they can break pretty easily from a plane ride.

now Im looking at one of those SKB strat-shaped hard cases
and one of those SKB rectangular cases that come with 2008 American Standards
(which looks tougher than the strat-shaped one)

I've also heard that some gator ones are pretty good....... any recommendations appreciated. built like a tank to last
i saw one time that theres a company that makes cases that can withstand plane rides with ease GOOGLE like airplane guitar cases or somin like that

EDIT: also u are allowed to have a guitar as a carry on it WILL be searched but it is legal, also DONT EVER LET THE GUITAR LEAVE UR SIGHT if u have it as a carry on.
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gator cases...im in the air force so i move around alot, welli got my guitar shipped to texas when i was there through UPS its was fine...now i got my stuff shipped back from california to the UK where im at now...best investment of my life
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