I have been asked to write something more "dynamic like soft to hard back to soft" as the person said. So I wrote a short little thing and was wondering if I am changing the mood to much between all the different parts. I am trying to do something new but don't know if I am succeeding at it. Any advice, comments, crits welcome. Thanks.

And yes I know chorus sounds horrible but I want a heavy sound similar to it just haven't came up with a good enough idea (kinda in a block right now).
well the intro riff on the bass was solid, and the lead parts on guitar going into it.
But once the tempo went to 90 everything got really muddy.
Your verse though is awesome and the chorus i would probably make the bassline a little more coherent there, but other than that it was pretty awesome
Thanks its kinda out dated i changed it up. I might take out that little intro part still trying to develop song a little but thanks for the feed back. And if anyone else interested...
new version with a good chorus...

EDIT: Forgot file and looks like I didn't name it right but what ever....
New WinRAR ZIP archive.zip
Thanks for the comment on my symphonic metal intro (which is now with verse aswell). Now, I was like "Hmm, this is maybe something okey, but nothing special when I started at measure 1-5 but at 7 I was like "ROCK ON! FU** YEAH!" This piece is amazingly good metal, gives you this kinda power feeling some songs have.

I love when measure 7 kicks in. I wait for a complete version, let me know when this piece is done, k?


(Ps. Stay tuned for updates of my Symphonic Song, it is gonna be one of my better songs i think and thanks again for the comment on it)