We finally got enough money to record (there's only two places to play around here, one venue charges $10 and the bands get paid about $12-13)

Check out our new songs =]

Right now we're going through a, how can I say, genre change? and we just got a new bass player and a new guitar player.

As far as the recordings go, our vocalist had his wisdom teeth cut out like 3 days before recoding, so if you think they suck, thats why =[

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I forgot to mention we're metalcore-ish (I don't wanna label, call it whatever you want)

i listen to metal.

and im going to be honest (just because i want people to be honest when they tell me about my band) its just really bland and stale. I've heard this same sound a million times by a million other bands that do it better (and its stilllll not very good). My opinion/advice is to try something different, yeah it's fun playing this type of music and it definitely allows for an energetic live show, but if you're making music that's already out there, who is going to listen?

use my advice constructively. im not trying to dis your band or anything, but its just too generic for my tastes
As stated above, this is very generic. I do not like this genre of music very much, and since it is generic and I do not like this genre I can say that I do not like your music.

However, that does not make it bad. It is generic and it bores me, but the overall musicianship is good. I do not like the vocals at all, but they do suit the genre. I think that you could try adding in a second vocalist singing another vocal line similar to how Alexisonfire does it.

I know this is a daunting task, but in order to improve you need to make yourselves stand out from the crowd. Nothing is particularly interesting and you lose my attention quickly. There are some good ideas throughout the songs, but the way they are presented does not appeal to me.

I am interested in hearing the new tunes that you guys piece together to see if it's more to my liking. Keep me updated as to when you have a new song up and I'll be sure to check that out. If you've got some time to kill give my acoustic solo project a listen and let me know what you think. http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968
i dont mean more technical.

im just saying, be unique, add your own flavor to it.
you shouldnt be listening to a band and going for that sound

you should honestly gather from ALL of your favorite bands of ALL genres, and write the music that really represents you and not what others have done before you.

you know?
We're not trying to sound like BTBAM.

We know that its really generic and simple, that's why we're going through our genre change.

We all love music from all genre's, so that's where we get all of our influences for (the new stuff I mean.)

Thx for the replies though =]

I'll be sure to give a listen to all of your stuff
Yeah. This is the new bass player. Definetly check us out. When the old bassist was here, it was very generic, but were going a little more technical. Somewhere after january were wanting to have new recordings. Not a sure thing, but its being discussed.