So, ive been listening to a lot of tool lately, and i was wondering if there are any exercises i can do for time signatures
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Haha, you want the easiest one? Grab a piece of blank staff paper, write down a random tempo at the top (nothing TOO crazy, go with like 86 bpm or something), then write down about 16 measures of random time signatures, anything from 7/8 to 2/4 to 3/8 to 2/2 to 5/4, etc, etc, etc, and then set your metronome and play eigth notes to it, emphasizing the downbeat on each first beat. Just a random excersize I came up with sitting here. Be sure to play "eigth" notes through the whole thing though, so for the 2/2, for example, you would actually be playing 4 notes per beat, then for the 2/4 you'd be playing 2 notes per beat. If it's too difficult, just slow the tempo down a bunch and start from the beginning. And if you realize you're memorizing it rather than reading it, erase all of the time signatures you wrote down and randomly pick a bunch of new ones. You can even leave half of the originals there and only replace the other half of them.