The amp I want to get is the Randall Kirk Hammett signature 120 watt. The amp I currently have is this.

I play mostly metal like Pantera, Metallica, Killswitch Engage. I also like to play some clean stuff and alternative stuff like Foo Fighters and Coheed and Cambria.

My current guitar is an Epiphone LP Standard with EMG 81/85 combo.

I absolutely hate the amp I have now. So what I want to know is. Is this a good amp for the kind of music I play? Or is there something better for a similar price? My limit is 1000 dollars.
You should definately get a better amp, no matter what. And for $1,000, you have some nice options. Id try out a Randall MTS amp, maybe a 2-channel one. It lets you pick modules, tube-based preamps that give you different voicings, gain amounts, and EQs for different sounds.
look at a spider valve combo. it'll give you the modeling options of your v-ampire, and it'll actually sound pretty good most of the time, for around 850.
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Check out the Randall MTS Series.... check out the Ultra Module, and the Treadplate module.....mmm

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Well all the bands you listed dont have quality tone except for FF, Thou dimebag is an amazing guitarist lets face it his tone wasnt great, His playing was phenomonal he could pit fart on a snare drum and sell a million copies. Killswitch uses a mix of 5150s and mesas, and on there early albums a dsl50 was used also. Just about any mediocre SS amp will get you stylin for that music.
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Used Peavey XXX
Used Mesa DC-5
Bugera 333xl

Those would all work PERFECT with what your going for.
thanks. i was looking at the triple x. but now i am kinda leaning towards the bugera 333. i like the sound. and as a combo amp its only 650. so thats seems like the best for me.

thanks for your help