Hey. I need and new amp basically. The amp i get has to be able to do gigs without getting drowned out by the drums. Ive been looking at the Peavey Valveking 212 and the Marshall DSL 401. There isn't any shops nearby to try these amps out at which is the reason i need some help. I play rock, hard rock and classic rock. If there are any other amps anyone knows of that are better than these amps and are near the same price range(£339-£450) can u reply back with that.
I've never played that Marshall but the Valveking is good for hard rock and metal. Its very versatile.
I disagree with al112987. While the Valveking gets a bad rap around here most of the time they're very versatile amps. I wouldn't say that either amp is superior - just different. You would have to try them both out before you buy it, because the Valveking is sort of a "love it or hate it" amp.
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