Hey guys, im going to start taking singing lessons by monday and i wonder how many time does it take to start singing properly? i mean, to start singing in a band and all to a crowd?
as many as you need
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It really depends on the person.
I started teaching myself to sing and I joined the choir at my church about 3 months ago, and i started singing in church by myself about a month after that.

It depends on the person, and how much work you're willing to put into it..
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yeah, but i mean, i want to sound at least "okay".. i know i wont be singing like a pro in a few months, but what i wanna know is how many time does it take to sing and hear people saying "ooh, he is good..!"
Depends on how confident you become in your own voice, your timbre, and how hard you push yourself. To get good quickly you'd want to be doing singing practice for at least a half hour a day.