Your first link doesn't work. What is it?

Have you read the FAQ?
The only way to really know is to sit down with them and play.

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Check out the FAQ. If you can buy seperately, the bass and an amp, try out a Squier Vintage Modified '70s J bass and an Acoustic-brand amp. The J-bass is excellent, good sound and good playability for being a $300 Squier.
I see that the second one is an epiphone, but link #1 doesn't work. All I will say is this, don't even think about buying an epiphone, they are awful basses.
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Huh that's weird you guys said link #1 doesn't work but it worked for wouldyakindly...
Anyway the first link is an Epiphone EB0 Bass Guitar Package and the second link is an Ibanez
IJSB90 Bass Guitar Package. Hey Wouldyakindly, why is the Epiphone a horrible bass I'm curious? Should I get the Ibanez package over it?
Definitly go with the Ibanez. I own it and have no complaints.
Starting bass or just looking for a new one? Here's a suggestion: Go to your local music store and try some out.
Epiphone basses are notoriously bad, go with the ibanez for sure. If possible, I would say listen to gotsa1998 and go with a squier vm 70s jazz bass and some kind of practice amp.
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, but link #1 doesn't work.

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Huh that's weird you guys said link #1 doesn't work but it worked for wouldyakindly...

I would go with the schecter
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