okay well i originally planned to buy a new guitar, the epiphone futura prophecy FX.

but after some thinking, i though that maybe i could just upgrade my current guitar(esp ltd f100fm) with some 81/85 EMGs. they just have the stock ESP pickups at the moment. i also had in mind to buy a VOX XL series amp. i heard one at guitar center and it was sounding sick. i had 81/85s playing through a line six spider III 15w which is the amp that i currently use. then i heard the vox running with the same pups and it sounded much better.

so my revised plan is to replace the ESP's on my F100FM with EMG's, and also purchase a VOX XL series. ive also pondered over a dimebucker intead of the 85 or perhaps the EMG 60. neck pickup either way would be an EMG 81. all in all it should be cheaper than buying a new guitar, along with the new amp; a VOX XL 15w. the only real loss i notice is the tremelo bar, and maybe the three control knobs as opposed to the fact that the F100FM only has two. though, the vox amps have a tremelo feature anyway.


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I have the Vox Valvetronix 15 watt. http://www.zzounds.com/item--VOXAD15VT

That thing freaking rips, I'm telling you. I cranked it all the way up in the shop and it was loud as hell, sounded awesome in every one of the 11 models. For playing metal, its got killer tones on the upper half of the model dial. It also does nice cleans with the AC30TB model, etc...

I needed a tiny amp for my living room, so I got that. I love it so much I'm ready to sell my Marshall 1x12 and replace it with another bigger one of these.

I say keep your current guitar and mod away. Get that amp and rock out. Problem solved.
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I agree with zeroyon, keep your esp and change the pups, it's nicer looking than the epiphone
got it. it seems like a much better, and cheaper option. im not all too familiar with the explorer type shapes anyhow. my esp fits me pretty well.