how in the world would you put your fingers for this chord. I can for the life of me get all notes to ring out clearly

e 3
B 3
G 4
D 5
A 5
E 4

the tab say it is some form of G barre chord

its that 4 on the low E that is the problem
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so theres a g sharp in a g chord interesting

are you sure its not supposed to be a 3
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i dunno if that's right because that chord sounds like crap... what's the song it's in?
Quote by nbmack
its in that little part after the stairway to heaven solo


i too thought it was a mistake until he did it twice.

I also like the thumb idea, didn;t think of that

It's wrong; that chord should be a straight G barre chord.

If that chord does ever get used then it's a G/G#.

That version of stairway is full of mistakes to be honest, I don't know which version is good because I didn't use any of the ones from here but don't go with that one.
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