Hi guys!
I have a "Fender Frontman 212r" amplifier, an "ltd esp ec-500" guitar and a "zoom gx2" effects pedal.
I would like to my guitar sound like the one who kirk hammet (from metallica) plays.
I`m not prety sure about which patch from the pedal and equalise of the almpifier i should use.
is there anyone who can help me?
sorry about my english :P
Well, it will not sound exactly like Hammets guitar, but you can try this - amp model similar to Mesa Rectifier, max gain. Then EQ - Bass on 8-9, Mids around 5 (I don't like scooped mids, duh) and Treble around 7. You can scoop the Mids to 2-3, or even to 1, but I don't like such hollow sound.