Hey well I just got the online band started, as you can see we have drums, bass, two guitars, keyboards (sort of) and we just need vocals. The band is prog style so I want a good vocal range, like Tommy Rogers of BTBAM or Joey Eppard of Three. So if you want to sing for with us, post here and/or PM me. Thanks.

Drums - Steel Skins
Bass -Lord Waltaa
Lead Guitar - Skedadleboarder
Rhythm Guitar - 0rang3juic3
Vocals - not yet established
Keyboard - Me until someone offers
I would sing for you... I can sing some of 3's stuff, but as far as Prog goes I have a more Russel Allen kind of range. My email/MSN is you_got_progged@hotmail.com if you are at all interested and want to hear a few samples. My vocal style is very Corey Taylor -esque, so you may not like it, but I am willing to learn different vocal styles. With a bit of training, I could have a really broad range, but for now I can only sing high for a short period of time.