I'm going away for two weeks this Saturday and can't stand the idea of not having a guitar for those 2 weeks, so I'm looking at travel guitars. Unfortunately I don't have much choice, either not get one till next time I go away or get the only one in stock at the only dealer where I live, which is the Tanglewood EE12 (http://www.imuso.co.uk/ProductDetail.asp?StockCode=EG01480) 1/2 size guitar

Ideally I would have liked to have a 3/4 size, but if the 1/2 size is alright of course I won't mind, more likely to get it in the car amongst the other stuff!

Basically, because I'm not made of money and it's still £85 I could spend towards a different guitar later on, but as long as it keeps in tune reasonably well and can handle a decent amount of distortion without being too sharp sounding like my old squier did, then I'll probably get it. From the playability side, is a half size hard to play? Are the frets *too* small? I'll find out when I try it in the shop I guess but I just want some other opinions before I spend my money on an impulse. Also, anyone got or used this guitar? Hows the tuning stability? Generally, tonewise, is it at least half decent? And also, a general question of mine, what is the standard tuning for a 1/2 size guitar?

i'd say rg mikro. i have one that i use for travel and just jamming while walking around the house. i just replaced the pickups and it sounds pretty good and plays nicely. the neck is fairly good too. and for $130 you can't beat it.

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