Hey there, me and my friend are looking into a good live vocal mic. We need one that will not pick up to much excess noise and is pretty sturdy. The budget is about 150-200, any suggestions would be awesome.
Whoa! Not so fast with the /thread bit. I personally will only sing through a 58 - even live - if there are no other better options. In that price range, which is VERY reasonable, I would suggest a Sennheiser e835. Sing through that, and then a 58.... and the 58 by comparison sounds like singing through wet blankets. I can't remember if it's the e845 or the e935... one of them is considerably more directional than the e835. If you have a singer who is good at keeping the mic *right* in front of his/her mouth, it is a good alternative, as it will block out more environmental noise than the 835, but the trade-off is that if the singer moves it around, the sound will really fade in and out, because the singer will be more of an environmental noise when he/she isn't right in front of it.

The 835 provides a nice balance.

I even prefer singing through an SM57 than a 58.

Another point to consider is that different mics will take better or worse to different voices. I actually had one singer I recorded who sounded strident on all mics I threw in front of her - even a kick drum mic. I threw a 58 in front of her, and it was like magic. Even considerably better than my large diaphragm vocal condensor. Note, though, that using the 58 was a last resort... even after the kick drum mic.

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