Ok I have a midisport uno usb/midi cable, a digitech whammy pedal with midi in jack, my guitar, guitar rig 3 software, and my computer. I have a map of the problematique patch and I am trying to play it. How do I connect these components and what input/output midi/audio settings do I select on guitar rig, I've been fooling around for like 2 hours and can't get anything. If it is working should the sound come out of my computer speakers, or do I need to hook up an amp in the mix? Basically I have the following setup which is not working:

I plug my guitar into the input jack on the whammy pedal, then I plug the midi in jack into the whammy pedal and the usb end into my computer....any help would be great, maybe I need something else to make this work, i'm not sure.
Is this whammy pedal some sort of a/d? Using the midi port out doesn't seem like it would send audio information to Guitar Rig. Usually midi is only for control signals.

Maybe I'm completely missing your problem, but from the looks of your setup, you don't have an a/d (i.e., Rig Kontrol or other interface). You're going to need that. When I first got GR, I used a $50 Behringer FCA202 as the interface and it worked pretty well. I do prefer the RK though.

Also, if you're planning on running GR through your soundcard on your computer, your latency is going to be pretty high.

Hope I helped...
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